America 's Need For Black Gold

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Joseph Brickey
Elizabeth Hantack
Pre-AP English II
24 February 2017
America’s Need for Black Gold In 1973, in the wake of conflict in the Middle East, US drivers were feeling the repercussions with every gallon of gasoline and oil that they consumed. The members of OPEC placed an oil embargo on the US and several other nations because of their aid to the Israeli military. This embargo greatly pressured the US, who was highly dependent on foreign oil. In the aftermath of this crisis, President Nixon called for the increased energy production to avoid this problem in the future. Yet, in this present day, the United States faces a similar, although not as extreme, situation. Measures must be made to make the United States energy independent. …show more content…

As of 2015, US natural gas proved reserves totalled 324.3 tcfg. The US produces 28.8 mmcfg (million million cubic feet of gas) each year (4). With unrestricted drilling of new sites, totalling 723 tcfg, the US could significantly increase its natural gas production per year in the next 10-20 years (5).
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Domestic Production would create many jobs for citizens in rural communities
Construction, alone, of the Keystone Pipeline will generate 42,000 jobs (2).
As of January 2017, US oil and natural gas companies have employed 177,000 to produce, refine, and distribute oil products. By 2024, experts project the number to rise to 220,000, an almost 25% increase. Oil and natural gas companies hoping to drill unconfirmed sites in the United States will need to employ more and more people. (6).
Hydrofracking and drilling are dangerous practices that could endanger the environment and workers.
The US Department of Labor has recorded a steady decrease of work-related injuries and fatalities since 2012 and as of 2014, 120 work related fatalities have been recorded, 38% lower than 2013 (6). This decline in fatalities can be attributed to several factors, safer equipment, more safety regulations, etc.
A new fracturing fluid used in the fracking process has been developed by

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