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The New York Times has been around for over 150 years and has solid 58,000 issues during that time. In our current day, they use not only the paper to reach the public, but also have online media context for more modern-day viewers. With this outreach, they are able to be a news source for the entire world. Similarly to Facebook’s trending topics, The New York Times’s front page is mainly political. For example, one of the stories featured on the front page, Veterans Feel the Cost of U.S. Nuclear Tests, talks about veterans who cleaned up a nuclear fallout in the Enewetak Atoll and their resulting health issues. As stated in the article, many of the soldiers were not properly attired and did not receive regulation safety wear during their …show more content…

The New York Times discusses prominent news from across the globe, which is important in the ever-connected world that we live in today. For example, in the article “Ten Centuries Later, a Pope and Knights Do Battle”, the Times discusses the conflict in interests between Pope Francis and the Knights of Malta that resulted in the Pope demanding the leader’s resignation. Other international issues are spoken about in the article “Europe’s Overlapping Crises”, which discusses some of the biggest problems that Europe faces as a whole, such as the results of Brexit, economic relief in Greece, and the spread of America’s new sense of nationalism to other countries. These are big, doting questions that will affect Europe today and in the future. On a lighter note, the article “Committed” is a celebration of 165 years of wedding announcements and gives us an in depth look at the marriage of Sarah and John Grant, the first couple to have their wedding announcement in the Times. Lastly, the Times also covers the death of the actor John Hurt, which was also one of Facebook’s trending topics for the day. These international articles are not always big topics in the United States unless they directly affect us as a nation, but, nevertheless, they must be reported as worldwide problems can have a domino effect and eventually become our problem as well. When we compare these two sources, it is important to examine the

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