American Alliance in WWI vs. Our Failing Economy Essays

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In World War I many soldiers were sent to Europe to fight for the democracy of other countries. The idea of being part of the war was to be heroes in one of the biggest conflict of the world. The U.S. was convinced that if they could send forces to Europe and help the Allied Forces to win the war, they would gain a better status worldwide as the country that saved the peace and democracy. Therefore, the United States government sent thousands of soldiers to fight the war. A big problem came later, when the war finished and the soldiers came back to America, they were broken and unemployed. Thousands of veterans were now without their full capacities and unemployed, so Texas Congressman Wright Patman proposed a bill that would give a bonus …show more content…

“It will be impossible for the Police Department to maintain law and order except by the free use of firearms.” Said the commissioner; leading to President Hoover to take control with the Army of United States protesters. The other great factor that influenced in how President Hoover handled the situation of the “Bonus Marchers” was the fact that the American Communist Party was involved. One of their leaders, John Pace, was immersed in the protesters with the mission of developing a stronger manifestation against the government; however, the Communist Party did not have a big number of people inside of the riot. Although they took responsibility of the manifestations and declared that they were leaders and pioneers in arguing in favor of the Patman’s Bill, the truth is that communist were only a few and it is not too clear if they influenced in the way that the manifestation was done. President Hoover though, saw that communists were part of this riot and he was afraid of an uprising in Washington, so he tried everything that was on his power to stop the protest. Also, he saw the rebellion as a militia that was trying to destroy capitalism by the force, instead of seeing that the true people who were “fighting” were unemployed, starving veterans, looking for solutions.
Every event in human history is marked by its context. The sociocultural background is going to always be found throughout human history, because the human being is a social animal

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