American Anticommunism During the Cold War Essay

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Subsequent to the conclusion of the treacherous Second World War,
America prepared itself for a period of peace. This peacetime was
short-lived, as America’s tolerance for communism receded this issue
became the forefront for American concern. The United States of
America, also referred to as the USA or US, regarded communism as a
strategic threat due to its hostility to private property and free
markets, policies that many Americans associate directly to political

Throughout the intense period in history identified as the Cold War,
America’s attention was, for the most part, politically and
economically occupied by the threat of global left wing expansion and
methods aimed
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In his speech to congress on the
twelfth of March 1947, Truman specifically called for four hundred
million dollars in financial aid to be delivered to Greece and Turkey,
both of which he suspected were threatened by a possible communist
invasion. Cowie, a well-noted author, considers Truman’s speech to be
the trigger for the transition of the Cold War from a temporary state
to a permanent quarrel as it directly states America’s aggressive
approach towards communist countries.

Congress responded to Truman’s appeal by allocating the required funds
along with US troops to administer the reconstruction. In an extract
from Truman’s address America’s adoption of the dominant role in the
anticommunist conflict is evident.

“The seeds of totalitarian regimes are nurtured by misery and want.
They spread and grow in the evil soil of poverty and strife. They
reach full growth when the hope of the people for a better life has
died. We must keep that hope alive.”

The Marshal Plan was also established upon similar principles. The
American Secretary of State George C. Marshal produced the Marshal
Plan, or European Recovery Program in 1947, aspiring towards the
rehabilitation of European nations devastated by the war. Highly
regarded authors, Theodore Wilson,…