American Born Chinese Essay 1

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American Born Chinese was a book that I would have initially missed reading because it didn’t appeal to me then. However, it wasn’t until the three narratives intertwined at the end that I realized that this was a great read. Jin, Danny, and the Monkey King all have one thing in common; they try to become something they are not, and they lose their sense of identity until the realization of the truth that we cannot fight who we really are. Jin comes to America and desperately tries to fit in with his classmates and assimilate. The Monkey King tried to become something greater than himself, and become an equal with the other deities. Danny is what looks to be a normal high school student, but is plagued by his Chinese cousin’s visits …show more content…

When Danny is met by Steve in the basketball court they have a conversation about how Chin-Kee ruins Danny’s life. Danny said, “By the time he leaves, no one thinks of me as Danny anymore, I’m Chin-Kee’s cousin.” (127) Danny tries to fit in with his school, and just when things are starting to all work out Chin-Kee would come for one of his visits.
The three stories ultimately tie together towards the end when Danny tries to get Chin-Kee to leave him alone. That is when

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