American Culture In The Namesake, By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Culture is not just about race, family background, and inheritance. It is bigger than that. Characters and actor’s choice are significant to present this. Characters used in the book and movie relates. When I was reading the book, I had an idea of how Ashima, Gogol, Ashoke looks. Most of those ideas were true. I thought Gogol would be better looking and darker shade skin. Ashima is exactly what I thought she would look like. Ashoke is shown as this perfect husband, dad a provider. A lot of Gogol’s character is understood as it foreshadows when Gogol was six months old and during his Rice Ceremony, Gogol had to choose between a dollar, a pen, and dirt. Each represents a different profession in the future. As it suggests to the future, Gogol doesn’t choose none of them and cries. We see the same thing when he is an adult, he chooses to embrace the culture he grew up in, American Culture even thought he struggled to respect both cultures that are polar opposites of each other.
The novel The Namesake written by Jhumpa Lahiri writes about the struggle and hardships of a Bengali couple who immigrate to the US from India to create a lifestyle outside of everything they have known all their lives. The story begins as Ashoke marries Ashima and brings her to the Massachusetts. Their first child’s name is Gogol, which they didn’t intend on naming initially but because of different mistakes, Gogol has officially become his name. This book/film gave a pleasant insight into identity

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