American Culture Research Paper

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Culture, our heritage, our beliefs, our individuality. Growing up our culture has impacted us in a big way. As a child we often feel uncomfortable in our skin, we want to blend in with everyone else, we hide our culture and ethnicity, our roots, to satisfy others. However, the older we get the more comfortable we become in our skin, the more we want to stand out in the crowd, and we learn to become proud and confident in our culture. Culture has that amazing impact on us. Culture influences us in different ways. Culture also provides us with experiences we look back to, experiences that change us, and experiences that make us question. Culture a little part of us, with a big impact.
We are constantly being influenced by our society and media. To the
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As a kid, we are often told “being different is okay”, as a kid we were often told that our differences are are what makes up special. That thought has really shaped my mind to believe that our differences should be celebrated and as we grow older we become more confident in our skin. American beliefs have also taught me that hard work is admired and that you have a voice and an opinion that should be heard. However, American culture has not always influenced my mind in a positive way. American mainstream pop music revolves around dating, drugs, money, etc. This has made me believe that drugs and alcohol make you cool and the “life of the party”, dating determines your social status and your “popularity”, and that money is equivalent to happiness. Materialistic items are praised by the public and brands define who you are as a person. There are ups and downs in every culture, especially American culture, and our culture continues to influence us by our society and media. Cultures, our traditions, foods, and beliefs, passed on from our ancestors create experiences for us that mold us into the people we are today. In some cultures we
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