American Dream By Andrew Delbanco

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In class, we discussed values and what we value most. Everyone had different values that they valued most, and a big part of that was because we interpret values differently. Peace is a worldwide concept and value that may be interpreted differently depending on the person. My interpretation of peace is forming an acceptance of something and understanding the different perspectives and opinions other people may have from you. The three books we read throughout this semester have each depicted what I believe peace is, but in different ways. Real American Dream by Andrew Delbanco really emphasizes on the kind of world we live in right now in regards to consumerism. He explains how although we live in an age of “unprecedented wealth” (pg. 107), we are still deprived. “In its forced consumption of masscult, the modern self becomes all and nothing at the same time” (pg. 105), Delbanco explains how we live in a world that is based on consumption and puts the idea to mind that because of this we will never have enough. According to the author, the most “striking feature” of our contemporary culture is our “unslaked craving for transcendence” (pg. 114). We want and crave more and more but by doing this we set ourselves up for disappointment. As a culture, we are not satisfied with what we already have. “The American will not have been fulfilled. It has always been a global dream” (pg. 117). In my opinion, I believe that what this book shows is how we need peace, not necessarily
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