American Dream Generation

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The American Dream isn’t a piece of legislation or doctrine laid down on paper by the founding fathers, it’s an idea passed down from generation to generation as a path to prosperity. This idea however, is gradually dying out with each passing generation as people continue to lose confident in their influence on the world around them. This mentality is sprinkled about in nearly every aspect of American life now, from the spread of cynicism to lack of political activism in the average citizen. This is felt most in the most recent generation to reach adulthood, the often-derided Millennials. A Daily Beast article by Joel Kotkin depicts a transformation in this generation from opportunity-devouring carnivores into passive herbivores, stating “Rather than seek new worlds to…show more content…
Per the New York Times, “He [Mr. Adrian Trusca] said he liked the idea of Mr. Trump, an outsider smashing up what seemed like a cozy insider’s game. But Mr. Trusca saw that game as being so hopelessly fixed that he did not see his vote being counted — even here in one of the most closely contested swing states in the country” (Robertson). So many citizens seem to think the political system is rigged, a system of checks and balances that keeps power tethered to a select few individuals while giving citizens only the illusion of impact on the political environment. This leaves many citizens fearful of the future when faced with politics and an economy that seems to ebb and flow against their best interests. Unable to fight against the seemingly unfair system, many citizens think better of taking risks and reaching out for opportunities in different fields. Rather than risk losing their steady income for a chance at a better life, far more choose to do whatever they can to maintain their current circumstances for fear of any disruption to their quality of
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