American Dream Is Not A Dream

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American dream is not a dream What is your own version of the American Dream? Money? Living a big house or having a nice car? I believe these are values that most of people define to them what the American Dream is. The American Dream has alway been challenging to receive happiness; but as an Americans, we had worked our way from inequality to freedom.
First, immigration as one biggest puzzle in the United States. America is also refer to a melting pot. Because many different ethnic groups and races come to the United States and gather together; they come with their own language, region, and culture. There is why the America is differ than other country. According to Stephanie Maier, “In early twentieth century America, the dream …show more content…

had the attention to putting effects on education. Due to the well build education system, the U.S. become the number one choice for the immigrant to think about.
Third, this is most important puzzle of the American Dream, happiness. In my prospective, receiving happiness is the ultimate goal of the American Dream. According to Howard R.Gold, “finding and pursuing a rewarding career, leading a healthy and personally fulfilling life, and being able to retire in comfort.” In other word, the immigrants migrant to the United States and hoping that one day will achieve those goals, such as career, healthy and comfort. Their belief that with the hard work and freedom in the United States will ensure themselves to live in a American dream and provide better opportunities for their children as what they thoughts about the people who live in the United States. This is true for me because I as an immigrant from China, I believe the United States was totally different world. The American’s lifestyle are different than the Chinese, such as environmental, food, and culture. Also, the goods in China is pricey. For example, my parents worked as officers, their wages only can cover our monthly bills and food. Unlike in China, my parents worked full month in the U.S., and it can cover bimonthly bill and with left over.

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