American Hist 1877 to Present. What If Paper

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A Change in History? Looking back through American history there have been those “what if” moments. Moments where we sit there and think, what if that had never happened or if it happened at a different time? Would the world still be the same? Would American’s still have the freedom we have today? One will never know, we can only imagine what the world would have been like if a different course was taken. There are a few events in American history that I felt should have gone a little differently so I tried my best to write it all out. In the year 1867, secretary of state William H. Seward negotiated the purchasing of a state known today as Alaska from the country of Russia for a measly $7.2 million. Two years after America acquired …show more content…

During the early stages of WW2 Japan withdrew from the League of Nations and invaded China killing over 100,000 civilians. Do to Japans actions, the American government slowly began to cut them off from their assets and sent them a warning letter saying America wasn’t going to turn the other cheek if these actions were kept up. Japan decided to make no efforts in changing their military strategy so we fully cut Japan off from American supplies in 1941. Now its hard to say whether or not America made the correct decision when cutting off Japan during WW2, it created a lot of tension and anger towards America from the Japanese. Japan began to plan a surprise attack on one the U.S. Naval bases in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred on a Sunday morning December 7, 1941. America lost 2,000 citizens and soldiers that day. The next day Franklin D. Roosevelt (America’s president at the time) announced Americas entry into WW2. I believe that if America had never cut Japan off from their assets then the anger and hostility would not have been there creating a reason for Japan to attack America and without the attack on Pearl Harbor, America would have no reason to enter the war during the year 1941. During the year 1941 president Franklin D. Roosevelt created a committee known as the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD). The OSRD was an amazing organization who impacted American history is multiple ways. The

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