American History : Maturation The Progressive Era Of Child Labor

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Progressive Era of Child Labor (1902-1915) had reformed through the state council. But many laws were restricted of the Child Labor that were passed on of the reformed movement of this time. Child Labor had reached high limits during the Industrial Revolution. In this point of time, the children, the Important Historical Events Era (US American History) people were provided wars that the United States were involved in, the aggressive behavior and the most important, the US achievements. Lastly, Maturation the Progressive Era of this was when the people who were apart of the Gilded Age they were very rich with gold. But turns out that they had people thinking that they weren’t by spreading the word that they use gold paint to cover up the fact that their all rich with gold, of a serious crime during making it more Urban in America.
The abuses people faced in these 3 different areas are firstly, Child Labor. Children suffered throughout the journey of multiple harms. Having them all starving (starvation of the children) with no food to eat their bodies looking as if they never eaten in their entire lives, being able to see their bones and ribs something that is terrible to see or imagine. Next, Historical Events (US American History) in this time people seen all the disease carried along with the regular settlers, as the people saw, the not so improvable successors were gonna go after the man who had started the disease that has been carried, and so this man was willing to
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