American History Timeline

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History is considered to be one of the subjects in the vast sea of subject that explains not only about the past but also provide us a lot of wisdom. It is a list of events that occurred in the past. Moreover, it provides us with such a vast perspective of the occurrences that happened long back. Nevertheless, we came to know that everything has its own history, whether it is a new development of technology, or development in the field of science, or the introduction of some reforms in religion.
History Timeline is nothing more than a sequential arrangement of all the events that took place in history. It is the mirror that can show you all the events, from the formation of the earth to the development of phones. Conversely, we can say that nothing can have any significance without history. Evolution of man, his progress and all his technology development are the result of history. …show more content…

The history of the World consists of, how the world comes to exist, the reasons behind the differences in culture all over the world, and many questions answers can be found in the pages of history. It is only through the history we can know about the social, educational and cultural systems of the world. Let’s talk about one of the power and developed country of the world, America. America had its history back from the 14th century when Christopher Columbus discovers America. America History Timeline Provide us with all the events that took place in America from its time of discovery to the present presidential election in a linear manner. This timeline also comprises significant legal and territorial changes which occurs due to some political and economical events took place in America and its neighboring

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