First Voyage To America Analysis

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In order for us to understand who we are, where we came from, why and how all that came about, we must study history. In studying history we can form an idea about our origin. Humans create history which over time has become a mass of data and explanations. In learning how to sort, analyze and assess this data we develop an understanding of how this evidence leads us in determining how societies before us developed and changed or did not change and why. History allows us to better ourselves by allowing us to develop a moral sense and identify who we are and why we are here. By studying the societies of the past we can learn how people met with disasters, famines, and disease and use that information to protect and develop progress for …show more content…

These writings teach us the who, what, when and where that took place for events in time. We learn what it was like to be there first hand in writings preserved such as ‘The Diario of Christopher Columbus’s First Voyage to America, 1492-1493. In this diary Columbus gives us a beautiful description and account of what he encountered in great detail when he arrived in America. He described what the entire event was like from his view and beliefs and with that we are able to not only visualize the moment we also learn how his environment influenced his observations. For example, when he details the appearance of the natives we can develop an idea of what was of human value from his society. He hints about how nudity or the lack of being well dressed indicates savagery and lack of intelligence and moral character. He alludes to how he plans to gain wealth by his observations and deduction of the where and how the Indians obtained the gold and silver jewelry and we can see the wheels of his plan developing right before us just as clearly as if we were watching it in a cinema. We can also gather what the natives were thinking as he writes how they behaved when they greeted Columbus and his men on the beach and brought gifts and items to trade. This written account serves as a piece of evidence that helps us to form a more in depth sense of meaning to the event and determine what took place, how and

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