American History Unit 1&2 Exam Review Essay examples

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American History Exam Review Unit 1&2 1. Name the empires that were located in America before the arrival of Europeans. The Inca, the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztec, the Moundbuilders, the Iroquois, the Five Civilized Tribes. 2. Name where each tribe was located ( North or South America) and one accomplishment for each of the empires. 3. What was a joint stock company? A joint stock company was when people bought shares in companies that were hoping to explore the New World. 4. What were the new inventions that made exploration easier? (3 items) The new inventions that made exploration easier were advances in cartography, navigation, and shipbuilding. 5. Who were Vasco da Gama and…show more content…
19. What was a Minuteman? A minuteman was a group of colonists who formed a militia that got to battles quickly 20. Who was Samuel Adams? Samuel Adams was a member of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty, brother of John Adams, and led to the Boston Tea Party. 21. What were the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party? The Boston Massacre led up to the Boston Tea Party 22. What was the result of the Boston Tea Party? ( be specific) The result was the Intolerable Acts, including the Boston Port Act, the Quebec Act, the Quartering Act and the Massachusetts Government Act. 23. What was the Continental Congress? The Continental Congress was a group of representatives from each colony who got together to discuss the revolution. 24. Who was George Washington and why was he important to American history? George Washington was a U.S general who wins battles ( and losses some) and goes on to become the first President of the United States of America. 25. What was the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration of Independence was the political document that declined America’s independence. 26. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Samuel Adams wrote the Declaration of Independence. 27. What are the four main parts of the Declaration of Independence? The four main parts are: Preamble, Declaration of Natural Rights, List of Grievances against George
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