Colonies No More Chapter 3 Summary

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QUESTIONS Patriot’s Chapter 3 “Colonies No More” / AMSCO Chapters 5-6 1. Describe the purpose and location of the Proclamation Line, and the problems associated with it. The proclamation line was a line drawn through the Appalachian mountains prohibiting new settlers and trading charters beyond it. This made it so that any already existing trade charters now had complete monopoly over trade in that region. In the end, most settlers completely ignoring the line and would expand over the line in defiance of the edict. 2. What was the Stamp Act and how was it received? Were the colonists justified in resisting taxation? Why or why not? The stamp act put a tax on paper transactions including marriage certificates, ship’s papers, legal documents, newspapers, and playing cards. The colonies reacted strongly even engaging in violence. The sons of liberty destroyed the stamps and burned the house of the lieutenant governor. The colonist were not justified in reacting in the way that they did. The taxes were already imposed on Britain based citizens, their trade was protected, and the British were paying off the colonists debt. 3. What were the Intolerable Acts and why did the British impose them? The intolerable acts were a “punishment” for the boston tea party. Britain first closed the Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for. Second, the charter of Massachusetts was annulled and the Governor's charter appointed by the king took its place. Third, the quartering act

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