American Independence Essay

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The British colonies of north America declared their independence primarily for political reasons to what extent do you agree with this statement? The original 13 colonies of the United States of America were in desperation of independence and the advantages of leading a long, successful, happy life. In colonial times words like ?tyranny,? ?enslavement,? ?entrapment? and ?slavery? were part of the cultural norm. These words were common place and often used to describe the British control over the colonies. Thomas Jefferson, the writer or the Declaration of Independence, stated 27 gripes which were a direct result of years of frustration, abuse, and neglect from Britain. The Declaration of Independence was an inevitable rebellion…show more content…
This is stated in the first gripe of the Declaration of Independence which says ?He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.? This is a political reason, it was addressed to King George directly with the government as it points out one of the many flaws. Parliamentary taxation was another one of the main sources of the colonists' anger. With the Sugar Act of 1764, they were forced to pay one-third of Britain?s French and Indian War costs. The Stamp Act was excessive for the colonists as well, but was met with much more hostility. They rebelled against these taxes because they were being taxed without representation in England, they felt the British had no right to tax their colonies when they themselves had no say in how they were ruled. ?For imposing taxes on us without our consent,? was another political whine that Thomas Jefferson inscribed in the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson had purpose in saying this, because political problems had most effect in the deciding factors of breaking away from Britain. Civil is a term used entirely with politics and political reasons. The civil liberties of the colonists were another freedom which was restricted. The colonists were discouraged from buying foreign products and had limited production as a result of mercantilism. In the hated ?Admiralty Courts?, colonists were shipped back to England to be tried in a
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