American Indians Land History

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The industry’s roots lie in the growth of entrepreneurial medicThe influence of Christianity began early with the fur traders. Company employees introduced religious teachings, influencing many Indian leaders, some of who incorporated these teachings into their own religions. In 1825 Hudson's Bay Company sponsored two young Indian men from the Northwest, Spokane Garry and Kootenai Pelly, to be schooled at the Church of England mission at the Red River Settlement, now Winnipeg. Four other young men, including one Cayuse, a boy named Halket, began their instruction there in 1929al and laboratory technology clusters in the 1970s. The spark was the arrival of the microprocessor - the disruptive technology of our times. Federico Faggin, designer …show more content…

The region spanned from southern Alaska to northern California up into coastal British Columbia and Washington State. The area also includes some notable islands such as Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island. The area is thickly wooded, has a temperate climate, and is known for its heavy rainfall. The forests are dark and damp. Springs and streams from mountain glaciers flow into the rivers that run to the coast.There was no shortage of food sources in the forest areas that blanketed the Northwest region. Deer, moose and elk are just a few of the many animals these Indians hunted on land. The sea, however, is where they got most of their plentiful food supply. Northwest Coast tribes enjoyed various types of fish including Salmon, in addition to whale, sea lion, porpoise, seal, and sea otter. The sheer abundance of food made these tribes wealthy.Their homes were known to be very sturdy and large. Made of plank from cedar, they were both wide and long and put together with wooden pegs. Although there were no windows, there was a small hole in the roof to let fire out and fresh air inside. Most homes were built right along the seashore.Massive canoes were carved from cedar trees. The canoes were known to hold massive amounts of fish in addition to about 20 warriors.Of all the resources available to the Northwest Coast peoples, the two most important were cedar and salmon. Cedar provided the raw material from which …show more content…

The feast was a way to show off wealth. Dancing, gift-giving, storytelling, and eating were all part of the ceremony. Possessions were also sometimes destroyed to show guests that they were so wealthy it didn't matter. Potlatches were a way to celebrate many occasions such as marriage, death, new clan houses and the raising of a totem pole.Because the Northwest Coast Indians had no written language, the totem poles were a very important part of their culture. The totem poles allowed them to record stories, legends, and myths through images. Impressive. Totem poles, with their vivid colors, are the most recognizable of their arts. Every surface of the poles was carved into highly stylized representations of bears, wolves, eagles, ravens, thunderbirds, beavers and other animals, plus human figures. Totem poles could be huge, providing frontal pieces for homes, grave markers and other decorative purposes. Many represented family crests or told stories from family or tribal

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