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American policy changes through the good and rebellious Between the years of 1930 and 1941 american foreign policy changed how it worked and its goals. They changed because of the threats in the outside world and because of all the absolute need for us to get involved in the war. During this time the world war was restarting in Europe and was leaving no choice except for the United States to get involved in the war. People were dissolving treaties and fighting and the united states could not remain neutral if they hoped to avoid losing their allies. The united states foreign policy changed because of threats and because of the need in Europe. Japan was one of the greater threats to America because of how close they were to the US. The…show more content…
There is always a reason for change, but there are many people against change. Something that went along with the theme of not wanting to change or get involved was our neutrality. The United States had a neutrality policy that had kept us from getting involved until absolutely necessary. The neutrality was the most important thing in holding us back because many people agreed with it and did not want to get involved. The neutrality act states that we are not to send any kind of guns, ammo, or aid to anyone in another country (Doc C). Another reason why the United States did not get involved was because of the opposition from the people. The nation was totally for the sending of guns and ammo, but, the thought of sending the soldiers and the navy to go fight scared many of the people in the nation. On January 30, 1940, 70% of the people voted against sending troops into the war while on October 3, 1939, 62% of people voted to send ammo and guns in aid for Britain and France (Doc E). This is the main reason why we waited to get into the war, but after the policy changed we did not need the vote. America changed its policies for several reasons but the main reason was so that w could get around the majority not wanting to send aid. During this time the people of the US did not want to send help, but the government overruled them and decided they should anyways. The policy changed because of the outside threats, no choice because of the predicament in

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