American Revolution Redcoats

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There were four major battles during the American Revolution, along with the disputes at Lexington and Concord which led up to it. It was the fourth and final battle that ended the American Revolution with the Treaty of Paris. The colonists were stockpiling weapons in the colonies. King George sent troops to Concord to seize the weapons because that was where the weapons were hidden. The troops were sent to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams. The colonial spies created a warning system, the Old North Church, to warn others when the troops were on their way. The colonists would put lanterns in the bell tower to warn that the redcoats were on the way. Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott worked together in the colonies to get them prepared for the troops on the way. They rode through town warning the colonists on the “midnight ride” calling the troops the redcoats (British soldiers) or the regulars. On April 19, 1775, the redcoats arrived at Lexington. There were 70 Minutemen …show more content…

Allen and his troops took the cannons of the fort to the armies that needed them. In May of 1775, 17,000 men headed to Breed’s Hill for the start of the Battle of Bunker Hill. The patriots saw the redcoats waiting at the bottom of the hill, and started digging trenches. The patriots got reinforcements from the patriots around the hill. The redcoats started marching up the hill and they waited until they “saw the whites of their eyes” to shoot, and when they “saw the whites of their eyes,” they opened fire. The redcoats retreated and tried a second charge without changing their tactics. The redcoats tried three times before the patriots ran out of ammunition and retreated. The redcoats suffered 40% casualties in battle while the patriots only had a handful die. General Gage took this battle as a victory, even though they suffered more

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