Essay on American Rights to Privacy

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American Rights to Privacy In 1787, the constitution was born. The constitution has been America’s guideline to the American way of life. Our US constitution has many points in it to protect America and it’s people from an overpowered government, our economy, and ourselves. The only thing the constitution doesn’t directly give us, is our right to privacy, and our right to privacy has been a big concern lately courtesy of the National Security Agency (NSA).(#7) Although our constitution doesn’t necessarily cover the privacy topic, it does suggest that privacy is a given right. Some people say that the right to privacy was so obvious, that our founding fathers didn’t even feel the need to make a point about it.(#9) It also didn’t help …show more content…

In a case where it would be justified, is when a crisis could have been prevented. The Boston marathon bombing is one case that brought on a new effort to concentrate on anti terrorism. The two men that were accused of the bombing could’ve been heavily monitored, which may have prevented the entire incident. They had to communicate somehow, and cell phones probably came into play. But that still may not give the government the right to spy on everyone. An estimated 91% of American adults own or have used cell phones. (#8) When people buy cell phones, most of the time they have to sign a contract or read terms and conditions. When the phone is purchased it likely has a good amount of the person’s information on it, and is used for social networking and communicating with others. When the person buying the phone accepts the terms and conditions, they basically sign their privacy rights away. Sure not anyone can come up to them and go through their phone, but the phone company can access their info if the right was slipped in the terms and conditions, and there isn’t really anything stopping them from doing that. (#11) So people can complain that their privacy is gone, but they did sign away their right with greed. Although a cell phone has almost become a need in today’s society, it is still only viewed as a want. Therefore, no one has to purchase a cell phone. There aren’t really any laws saying that the

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