American Social Classes by Vance Packer

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Throughout the Fifties, mass society started to rule in the United States. The 1950’s is one known as the Eisenhower era. As the Supreme Allied Commander in Western Europe throughout World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower headed the compels that battled a frantic battle against the Axis powers. The Fifties picked up a notoriety for being a serene time. Residents moved to the suburbs and TV began to take charge. The novel American Social Classes in the 1950’s by Vance Packer investigates of class conduct of America in the 1950’s so students can explore.

One of the questions in this novel asked, “How Packard did tells us about the 1950’s?” I felt that it told decade taking after World War II. It was described by luxuriousness in much of American culture, offering ascent to elevated amounts of utilization and a blast in populace. Underneath this boundless success, in any case, lay developing destitution for a few Americans, and the hole between the rich and poor broadened.

I enjoyed this book because it was an excellent study. One of the strengths of American Social Classes in 1950’s is that it’s a time capsule within itself.

While reading this novel I realized that our society today is similar to the society in the 1950’s because of the booming market. In the early 1940's a period of plenitude started which by 1959 had arrived at extents incredible by any past measures. Almost a large portion of trillion dollars' value of products and administrations -

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