American Society : A Wide Range Of Cultures

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Since American society is based on lower, middle, and high classes, wealth is one of the major concerns. The United States is divided into a wide range of cultures. The majority of the cultures is made up of Caucasians and African Americans. “Whites alone made up 77.7 percent while blacks made up 13.2 percent of the population in 2013” (United States Census Bureau). Both of these races combined make up 90.9 percent of the United States population, and because of this, these two races will make up most of the workforce. With these two cultures being the majority of our society, why do they have such a wealth gap? The wealth gap is the most acute indictor of racial inequality. With the wealth gap persisting, there will be no post-racial…show more content…
This shows that the median Latino or Black household would have to save almost 100 percent of their income for three consecutive years to end the wealth gap. With there being different environments that people are raised and living in America can see that households share a great range of household net worth. If every race in the United States could be equal with income wealth there would be hardly any different environment types that the citizens would live in. With all races living in an equal environment, households would start to see a balanced median household income. Alexandra Killewald, in the article “Return to Being Black, Living in the Red: A Race Gap in Wealth That Goes Beyond Social Origin,” discusses wealth, racial differences, debt, and income distribution. Killewald claims that people and government aid should not only help African Americans, Caucasians, and Latinos, but everyone that needs help getting out of poverty. The author focuses more on the white and black races, because they are the majority of our society. He states, “In 2009 the median wealth of white households was 20 times that of black households, the greatest disparity in at least 25 years” (Killeward). Killewald provides a chart to back up his information that shows white households have a median household income $53,600, versus median black household income of $33,945. The question arises if the gap
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