Americas ' Effects On Homeland Security

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Americas’ Effects
Homeland security was founded under the Bush administration in 2003 due the attacks of September 11 was forever stay in the mind of the American public. It was a tragic event that scared the nation. The 9-11 attacks claimed 2,996 lives that included 19 hijackers. Neria, DiGrande, & Adams, (2011) reported that an extensive amount of the post-9/11 research revealed that in the subsequent 10 years, individuals with greater contact to 9/11 had substantially higher PTSD issues. The PTSD was correlated with other factors (SES, social support, loss of life). For example, Yehuda (2002) showed that lower socioeconomic background is related to an increased risk for PTSD. The rate of PTSD symptoms in subjects examined increased to 19 percent, a five percent rise from the survey performed on about 71,000 registrants two to three years following the attacks (Twemlow, Sacco, Ramzy, & Nadia,2011). Chemtob, Madan, Berger, &Abramovitz, (2011) assessed the relationship between different types of trauma exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and suicidal ideation among New York City adolescents one year after the World Trade Center attacks. The study found notable associations between trauma exposure, PTSD, and increased suicidal ideation in adolescents. Internationally, youth residing in war zones are even more exposed to traumatic events. For example, the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents is estimated to be 5–8% in

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