America's Fat-Shaming of Obesity

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In “What’s Wrong with Fat-Shaming?” by Lesley Kinzel and “Solve America’s Obesity Problem with Shame,” by Chris Friend share two different ideas about shaming against obesity. Body-shaming happens to everyone at some point in their lifetime, it sometimes includes inappropriate negative statements and attitudes towards a person weight or size. Fat-shaming is a term made by obese people to avoid their responsibility in taking care of their body. These people make themselves victims in society by pretending they are being discriminating like an ethnic group. The website article by Lesley Kinzel strongly disagrees with the idea of shaming obesity. Kinzel says that shaming happens to everyone. She believes in taking action by saying shame is a motivator at first and then saying “It doesn’t work, though – shame is not a catalyst for change; it is a paralytic” (Kinzel). Shame needs to be dealt with at the time it is first introduced; the problem does not need to be increased more than it already has. It doesn’t need to be overlooked again and again. As said before, shame can’t always be the motivator, and people with shame of themselves do not do anything about it. They feel like they cannot do anything to make the situation better. Kinzel argues that society needs to find ways to motivate the obese people into fixing their health problems. She says you can’t judge people just by their looks and size. When a person is trying to please society around them rather than trying to

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