America's Flawed Health Care System: Literature Review

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Introduction Can our healthcare system be regarded results-based and rational? Dr. Otis Brawley does not think so. Neither do I. In his thought provoking book, How we Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks about Being Sick in America, Brawley paints a picture of a system that is riddled with both inequalities and inconsistencies. There are times I have wondered whether our health care is indeed the best in the world. I have had my doubts. After reading Brawley's book, I became convinced that there is an urgent need to ensure that our health care system is not only affordable but also rational. Key Issues Raised the Author In basic terms, Brawley's book largely concerns itself with the failure of the health care system to put the interests of its patients first. To further enhance his assertion, Brawley's packs his book with stories of instances where patients have been failed by the same system that is charged with the promotion of their wellbeing. The author for instance gives a very touching story of a woman, Edna, seeking to have her breast reattached after it literary falls off. Edna has breast cancer which has gone untreated for a long time. Despite her case being obviously critical, she is kept waiting in the queue "for at least four hours-likely, five or six" (Brawley, 2012, p.3). All the while, she clings to her detached breast which she has wrapped in a moist towel. Welcome to Grady Memorial Hospital which according to the author largely serves those who have no
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