America's Green Revolution Research Paper

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America’s Green Revolution Bill Nye stated, “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” Humans are not only causing the climate change that Nye mentioned, but are also destroying the environment by wasting resources. The world has a serious problem that, if not dealt with right away, will lead to environmental catastrophe. However some people may ignore this warning from Nye and use the argument that the United States doesn’t need to worry about the environment because more pressing matters exist. In today’s world everyone uses energy and resources to meet their daily needs, but some of it is wasted unintentionally. The American government and its citizens have the responsibility to reduce this waste. The American government should adopt and create energy preserving…show more content…
As more natural resources are being used, the earth takes longer to rejuvenate itself. Friedman indicates, “The world also has a problem; It is getting hot, flat, and crowded” (Source C). A world that is becoming hotter, flatter, and more crowded is hardly a description of a healthy, comfortable environment for future generations. A national and international movement towards a greener future would bring people together and provide a powerful basis for offsetting a hotter, flatter, and more crowded world. Friedman confirms, “America is always at its most powerful and most influential when it is combing innovation and inspiration, wealth-building and dignity-building, the quest for big profits and the tackling of big problems” (Source C). Americans as a people must all work together to create a greener future for the generations to come. The earth’s climate and it’s environment is becoming worse, and without the participation of the American people, these two issues will only increase in
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