Cuba Essay

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When it comes to politics and power, countries tend to side with whatever is at their best interest. As long as someone is scratching their backs and their pockets are filled, politicians turn a blind eye to unjust rulings. For years now, America has gone above and beyond to try to bring Cuba down and in the process Fidel Castro. The American government’s determination over the years to hinder the growth of Cuba’s economy is ever so apparent. However Mugabe has been deteriorating Zimbabwe’s resources for three decades now and the American government or any other powerful country have yet to step up and put an end to his autocracy. I can’t help but assume that the reason why no one has yet to put an end to Mugabe’s ruling is because there …show more content…

Everybody knows that unfortunately America is a sore looser, and until they’ve had the last word the argument is not over. From their end, Cuba has surprised many around the world for striving against such barriers. “ The main driver of the Cuban economy is agriculture. The country is a major producer of several crops but sugar and tobacco are the big money products. Despite not being able to export their products to the United States Cuba has become a major exporter of agricultural products. There has been an attempt on the part of the Cuban government to diversify their economy and it looks like natural resources will be one way that they can do this. The country has become a major nickel producer and this has quickly become one of their largest exports. There is also the potential for Cuba to become a major oil producer. There are large reserves of oil in the Caribbean that are in Cuba's territorial water. It is very likely that in the near future they will take advantage of these reserves in order to help diversify the economy.” As a way to diversify their economy, the Cuban government has become more lenient with their strict regime. They’ve launched a tourist campaign to attract more revenue through the tourism industry. With the U.S. Embargo still in place it has been difficult, but Cuba’s efforts is showing though the growing numbers of tourist from Canada,

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