Amerindian Arguments and Actions Essay

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The Native American chronicle is one of treachery and death. These Indians lived lives of concord and prosperity for centuries. However, their reign terminated with the arrival of European settlers in the 15th century. The arising onslaught of foreign colonists is considered by some to be the initiation of the “American Holocaust” (Native American Genocide). The immigrants did not share customs or spiritual views with the Native people, so they attempted to annihilate the Native American populace. The transcontinental population robbed the Native Americans of their land, resources, culture, and pride. Numerous events had to occur in order for the United States of America to obtain its current culture and diversity. Native Americans, and …show more content…

These foreigners devastated the Native Americans and disrupted the peace in America. The first English settlers reached what is now Virginia in 1607 (The Early European Colonies). These colonists sought after riches so they sailed over from England in search of gold (The Early European Colonies). While in America, the English received tobacco from local Indians. The Englishmen adored the new crop and took some back to England (The Early European Colonies). Tobacco was a remarkable success in England. However, because tobacco could not be grown in England’s climate, Englishmen grew tobacco and sold it in England (The Early European Colonies). This brought a plethora of persons who wished to become wealthy to Virginia (The Early European Colonies). As more people came to Virginia, more land was needed to accommodate the new colonists. Consequently, the Indians began to loathe the English for seizing their land. When white colonists first began to populate the east coast of America, they perceived the Native individuals to be a pleasant, cooperative population (Conflict Between Native Americans and Colonists). The Indians were accepted into the migrants’ communities where the two factions would openly trade with one another (Conflict Between Native Americans and Colonists). Natives were treated with respect and toleration in hopes that they would be converted into refined Christians like the settlers (Conflict Between Native Americans and

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