The Marginalization Of Native Americans

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Before Europeans came over to the Americas, the Natives lived together as an union and had peaceful lives. Native Americans hunted animals seasonally but eventually turned to commercial hunting when they began trading more with the Europeans. They had so much different goods that the Natives have not seen before including scissors, guns, alcohol, European red paint, and other metal based items. That forced competition to arise between tribes so they could purchases the goods. There was less agriculture planting since they spent a majority of their time hunting animals and purchased their food from the Europeans. It looked like the Natives found a new trading country to work with but becoming friends was not what the English to do. They wanted to colonize their land and push the Natives away in any possibly way they could. Past experiences has marginalized Natives today because of the mental struggles and trauma they deal with, the fight for their rights, and the loss of culture today. The mental struggles trauma that the Natives went through has marginalized them. In The Indian Diaries, an article explains how historical trauma may be the reason of today’s health crisis. It states, “A lot of our children that we see, for example, have been through not only one trauma but often multiple traumas in their life, in terms of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect...We look at what has happened to their parents, or what has happened to their grandparents, or their

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