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Is Cask of Amontillado a literary or commercial fiction?
People might have thought of giving a revenge on someone that you really hate, but if the revenge is to kill that person, what would it be like? There is a book named "The Cask of Amontillado" which handles this kind of subject. This book seemed to be a fiction, and is this book a literary or commercial fiction? While I was reading the text, I thought the plot, characters, and the theme was more towards the literary fiction. As I read this book, the unique plot and the first person of the protagonist is the narrator was very interesting.
One of the factors that decide whether the fiction is literary or commercial is the plot of the story. The distinction of the plot of commercial fiction is that the story is unconventional the ending is not really clear, rather ambiguous. In this story especially, there is a lot to discuss the …show more content…

Initially, the story starts with the quote of the narrator saying, "I vowed revenge", and this shows that this story will be about one character's revenge towards the other one. Within the theme, Poe, the author has created suspense by foreshadowing that there will be a revenge of the narrator against Fortunato. Including the theme revenge, another theme could be the betrayal. Fortunato had trusted the narrator, Montresor, but the narrator finally betrays Fortunato. This kind of theme can be found in the real world, so it can be considered as a literary fiction because one of the characteristics of literary fiction is helping us to better understand the real world.
The book Cask of Amontillado is a book with unique content that attracts a lot of readers, and there are distinguishable characteristics that can be defined as a certain fiction. Within qualities of most of the literary fiction, I would evaluate this fiction as literary fiction although it contains a few of commercial fiction

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