Amy Poehler Speech Summary

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Amy Poehler has many memorable roles, from being a recurring member on Saturday Night Live, to her award-nominated portrayal of Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. Poehler is an American-comedian classic. When she was chosen as the 2011 Harvard Class Day Commencement Speaker, she took on a serious and honorable role. Poehler gave the graduating class of 2011, a hilarious, engaging, and inspirational speech. Poehler was chosen to give a speech that was out of her ordinary comfort zone, to inspire a hardworking class of graduates as they headed off into the working world. Her speech is an excellent example of effective rhetoric through its use of artistic proofs, humor, and establishing common ground. Through the content of Poehler’s speech, her detailed care to the rhetorical situation, and her impressive use of rhetoric, Poehler gave one of the most memorable and moving commencement addresses in Harvard’s history.
Speech Summary

Amy Poehler gave the 2011 Harvard Commencement address to graduating seniors, their families, and their guests on May 25, 2011. Poehler combined her classic comedic humor with a serious underlying message to create an engaging speech. Poehler began the speech with humor and explained her prior knowledge about Harvard. She went on to discuss her own college experience, her career, and some of the best advice she learned throughout her life. Her main message of the speech was that “no one can do it alone.” She explained that no

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