An Account of the Rosewood Incident

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After the reconstruction period there was high tension between the whites and blacks in the south. Whites wanted nothing to do with black people and didn’t want to have to share anything with them. Whites did everything they could to intimidate blacks to keep them “in their place”. Black people wanted nothing but to live their lives with their new found freedom, but they saw that no matter what the law said they would never be accepted by the white community. White people often acted out in violence towards blacks whatever chance they got to drive them out. Anything a black person did could result in violence. An example of the violence and hatred shown towards blacks is the events of an incident in Rosewood, Florida in 1923. This incident was documented and the accounts of blacks who were children at the time were taken down.
In 1923 in the town of Rosewood, Florida a white woman named Fannie Taylor who had been having an affair was beaten one afternoon while her husband was at work by her lover. Mrs. Taylor had a woman come by to help her with household duties named Sarah Carrier, she saw the man who attacked Mrs. Taylor as did some of her black neighbors. Mrs. Taylor cried for help, when someone came to her aid and asked who it was that did that to her out of fear she said it was a black man. Her accusation that it was a black man caused hunt for this man throughout the town. A man named Jesse Hunter who had recently escaped from the chain gang was a suspect. The

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