An Air Of Controversy Regarding Laws Promoting Personal And Social Responsibility And Individual Freedom

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There is an air of controversy concerning laws promoting personal and social responsibility and individual freedom. After all, there is a dire need for social change in a society that is becoming ever more self-centered and materialistic. This social change might come from laws that encourage some sort of responsibility. For example, in Texas, a future policy for social responsibility could be a ban on texting and driving. Personal responsibility policies could be limits on welfare benefits and childhood immunization requirements. While a welfare reform would ease the burden of taxpayers and bans on texting and driving and requirements of immunization would protect society from harm, these policies encourage quite a bit of debate. Basically, it is difficult to enact laws that are for the benefit of society as a whole without interfering or restricting individual freedoms, and vice versa. In the modern day and age, there are many groups who either demand to keep their rights protected, like minority groups, or emerging groups that want legislation passed to protect their rights, like the homosexual community. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these rights, after all, the basic foundation of democracy guarantees equality. However, the problem arises, as Lloyd put it, when society becomes “selfish” and “materialistic”- focusing only on “lack of rights” and creating a moral dilemma that is slowly ruining society. Haskins broadens this by defining personal responsibility as

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