An Amazing Play, Our Country's Good, Written by Timerlake Wertenbaker

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On February 21st Friday at 8pm, I went to watch an amazing play called Our Country’s Good which was written by British Screenwriter Timberlake Wertenbaker and directed by Jack Young. It was performed at Jose Quintero Theatre inside of Cynthia Woods Building at University of Houston. The theme of the play was human ability to overcome hardships by uniting and feeling sense of self-worth and hopeful for the future through the power of theatre as it was greatly portrayed through the protagonist and antagonist motivation, performers’ acting, design and lastly but not least the reaction of the audience. There is two protagonists in the show who are Captain Philip played by Michael Thatcher and 2nd Lieutenant Clark played by Tom Conry and the antagonist is Major Ross played by Crash Buist. The protagonists’ motive is to teach the convicts moral values and how to express themselves fully through acting in a play which enable the convicts to create a society that would value individuality and treat the convicts as human beings instead of animals who get beaten and hanged for a simple crime as stealing food. On the other hand, the antagonist Major Ross expresses conservative opinions about the play and opposes the play as his motivation was to stop the play and not let the convicts feel like self- opinionated humans. He tried to hang innocent people and do not even ask them if they committed the crime or not. The main conflict between protagonist and antagonist was

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