An American Model Of The On The Prime Minister

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An American model of the “Questions to the Prime Minister” would be a valuable addition to the process of government, though changes must be made. First, the questions should not come only from members of Congress but also from organizational leaders, and group representatives. However, this should not be open to media outlets to ask questions, only to film and cover the event. Secondly, the Judiciary branch should be involved in questioning, as it receives little of much due attention. Lastly, the time period between these sessions should be slightly extended. The President should receive no aid during his questioning except any notes he happened to prepare ahead of time. The majority of the “Questions to the Prime Minister” process …show more content…

Permanent representatives should appear in every session, they should ask questions for major labor unions, youth associations, or corporate organizations. The temporary representatives should be cycled in based on their relevance to current events, and however long they had been waiting for their turn to question. The purpose of having more representatives than just Congress members is to broaden the range and spectrum of opinions being voiced, opinions not only of our government officials but of the people. The Judiciary branch should also have a representative to ask questions regarding laws and how the constitution is being considered and applied to the democratic process. Questioning should not be open to media outlets under any circumstances to stop the spread of misinformation and tactics used to paint the President in a certain light, whether it be good or bad. These changes will lead to more opinions being heard and less filtering of the facts. The time period between sessions of “Questions to the President” should be extended. One week between sessions is simply not feasible in the United States. It would be too hard to determine temporary representatives, as well as too difficult to assemble everyone involved. A session should be held once every three months. This would make it much easier to decide temporary representatives. as well as to prevent the scrambling induced by a shorter time period.

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