An American Slavery Essay

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In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written By Himself, Douglass argues that slaveholding is naturally damaging to the slaves but it is also destructive to the slave owners. Douglass reflects on the meaning of brutality in two distinct ways. He examines how it has two different meanings, one being to transform someone into a brute (beast) taking away their humanity and the other meaning is treating someone badly. The immoral and negligent power that slave owners possess over their slaves has an immense damaging effect on the slave owners own ethical wellbeing. The slaves are constantly mistreated and the slaveholders become evil as they victimize the slaves. Douglass illustrates how the slaves were constantly …show more content…

Marx believed that machines were a sign of progress in society and he was not opposed to it. However, it has negatively influenced employees globally. According to Marx, these machines caused workers economic impoverishment as it impacted their wages.. The wage a worker received was influenced by the use value and exchange value of the workers labour. Marx claimed that the there is the labour commodity and the capitalist commodity. The workers exchanged their commodity, known as their labour power for the capitalist commodity, which is the money. The wages are the price of the labour that the workers put forth. Often times, they do not pay workers a quality price for what they earn or how much work they do. They are constantly looking for bargains and people who do not sell their work for much. Industry’s try their best to get inexpensive materials, enhanced machines, and cheaper wage workers in order for them to decrease the amount of money coming out of their pockets. Marx believed that due to the unavoidability of capitalism, business owners are basing their business activities solely on the attainment of profit. For that reason, workers will continue to be replaced with machines causing business owners to decrease their spending on a workers’ labor power, leading the unemployment rate to increase. Marx states that value of labour power decreases causing wages to decline.

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