An Analysis Of E. M. Forster's 'My Wood'

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E. M. Forster expresses his personal struggles with owning property in his essay titled “My Wood”. Through the fame and fortune presented to him after his most prominent novel, A Passage of India was published, he had the opportunity to expand his horizons and purchase land. Often times, countless individuals believe owning land and experiencing economic growth in a personal matter may make someone feel enlightened or perhaps powerful. However, for Forster, the experience only brought upon feelings of misery and self-condemnation. E.M. Forster’s presents his central question in the first paragraph when he asks, “What is the effect of property on the character?” (246). Forster refers to the contradictory nature one feels with owning …show more content…

An individual who becomes enthralled with the property will eventually want power, becoming vulnerable to a greedy and self-indulgent persona taking over. Animals of all kinds have inhabited this earth far beyond humans have. Is it wrong to take over the land that was once home to God’s other beautiful creatures? Forster struggles with the concept of expanding his “wood” in order to give the animals living there more space. Forster claims, “Something seemed grossly amiss here, something that would not have occurred had the wood been larger” (247). However, if he was to develop his wood he would, in turn, take over other animals' homes as well. The feeling of guilt overwhelms Forster when the realization hits that his own home disturbs nature and all its creatures. He does not view himself as above or more important than these animals and hence wonders what gives humans the right to invade and conquer the land beyond. We have become a race that craves land because with land comes wealth, authority, and power. When Forster voices, “I could not suppose that my wood was the destined nucleus of the universal domination” (247), he acknowledges the typical notion society would express when validating their actions for expanding its wood. When

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