The Effects of Economic Imperialism on Colonization in Canada

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Economic imperialism is a central part of the ongoing contemporary colonization of indigenous peoples in Canada. Since the colonial era marked the beginning of imperialism in North America, an intricate web of power and domination have formed leaving Indigenous communities in the grip of its economic philosophy. This has led to the ongoing contribution to the disposition of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Economic imperialism can be defined as the need for countries to expand their territories in order to collect resources from their colonies. This illustrates the inherent unsustainability of colonial settler society. In this essay I will look at how the impacts of economic imperialism has had an effect on the development of the indigenous …show more content…

• The right to decide one’s own fate within a fair social contract, unmolested by aristocracy or ruled by unjust laws.
• Property: The right to claim and hold property; When it has been laboured for, one encloses it for greater individual profit the profit of the community of Man, it has been laboured for – Natural means of ownership one encloses it – The process of holding legal “deed” for greater individual profit – to build investment equity and avoid poverty of waste the profit of the community of Man – Moral commitment to Human Development (Locke: 1689).

This supported the notion that men would work together in a contractual diplomacy – and that men who were willing to labour led moral lives and submit to the rule of law would prosper ().
The aforementioned described the early forces external colonialism in Canada. Economic imperialism is often seen as a force of power and domination that exists as an historical project with the contemporary formation of treaties and agreements. This is far from the truth – in reality it has been extrapolated into contemporary liberalism through the creation of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank that work to serve the same interests. This illustrates that economic imperialism is an ongoing process. Today, the forces of subordination and control are far more entrenched into Canadian society. This can be

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