An Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad '

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Throughout everyday dealings, society illustrate certain events as coming from a God or involvement of God’s plan. Everyday people have demanding decisions to make and it is not left up to the all mighty higher power to decide. Humans cannot sit around blaming them saying why god why! Instead stop to think is it really the Gods fault or as humans are we really stupid enough to believe God really spited people. Exactly what the Greek and Trojans thought to. In the Iliad, Homer paints the God’s as an excuse for the Greek and Trojans bad behavior throughout the many encounters with the Gods and mortals, such as the Affair involving Married Queen Helen and Cowardly Prince, Paris son of Priam, Bad Decisions made by the same Cowardly Prince, Paris and the Ferocious King Menelaus, and the epic War between the Mighty Trojan Hector and Wild Ravage Beast Achilles from Greece, and the fly-by-night of Priam to Retrieve his son 's body from the Argives.
First, the chaos of the affair started when Priam son Paris takes a long journey across the ocean to a foreign Greek city governed by King Menelaus and takes Paris in as a guest, unfortunately enough King Menelaus has to attend a funeral during Paris stay in Greece, leaving the Lady Charmer Paris time to swoop in and steals the Kings wife and sail with her back to the great walls of Troy. As the Greeks come sailing across the sea to obtain what right fully belongs to Menelaus and with Paris hiding Helen inside the walls of Troy, when…

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