An Analysis Of Katniss

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“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Madge declined as politely as she could. “No, Sissy!” Posy wailed. “I never see you anymore! Come be with me!” “I’m sorry Posy, but I can’t,” Madge apologized to the little girl, whose lower lip was quivering dangerously. “They have strict rules about these things down here.” “This is about Gale, isn’t it,” Hazelle said bluntly. “Madge you have to understand-” “This isn’t about anyone,” Madge interjected forcibly. “We all have assigned rooms, and that’s where we’re supposed to sleep. “Madge please just let me explain,” Hazelle practically pleaded, and Madge had no choice but to comply. “He’s terribly confused, that hard-headed son of mine. He thought Katniss was dead, then you came in, and then …show more content…

But then she had settled into the narrow cot and let Posy snuggle into her arms, her little face settling into her neck, and almost unbidden, tears had sprung into her eyes, as the sweet, almost milky scent of a young child clouded her. She felt so safe, so warm with little Posy breathing softly against her skin, that she had fallen asleep almost immediately. She hadn’t even cared that the little girl had drooled on her. She went about her day more awake, more present, finding herself laughing along to the stories of the women she washed dishes with, and actually paying attention in her hybrid classes. Hazelle had sternly forbidden her from skipping meals, so she endured an awkward breakfast, with Gale glowering at his plate the entire time. Hazelle must have said something to him the day before though, because he didn’t say a word to her. Both Vick and Rory had been ecstatic at her ‘return’, and Madge couldn’t help but feel warm at their enthusiasm over her presence. It’s lunchtime, and she had just come from her class on combative ethics. She was looking around for Hazelle and the kids, when she was suddenly swept up into an unexpected hug. “There you are!” Thom had exclaimed. “Thought you could pull a disappearing act on me, huh?” After getting the ok from Hazelle with an encouraging smile, Madge sat down with her friends, and became quickly immersed into a playful banter that she had so badly missed. To think she nearly let

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