An Analysis Of Ken Kesey 's ' One Flew Over The Cuckoo 's Nest '

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While One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is only a little over fifty years old, it feels like an even more dated story then some things written hundreds of years ago. This is because it is set in a field, psychology, that is constantly evolving and makes drastic progress in short amounts of time. The sexist and racist undertones coupled with the outdated view of psychology dates the book and undercuts the theme of the story. Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It is only roughly two hundred years old, but there have been tremendous strides since the days of Sigmund Freud. Ken Kesey’s novel takes place in a mental hospital in 1962. His goal with this story was to express his thoughts on the world around him and tell …show more content…

A person is put in there so they are not a danger to themselves or anyone else. The quiet room is not some big, bad punishment either. Sometimes people like to be in there when they need to calm down and do not be disturbed. Most likely, McMurphy would have been banned to his room for a few days or possibly as long as his visit, depending on the severity of his bad deed. One of the more notable differences between the ward in this book and modern day wards would be the rooms. In the book, all the men sleep in one big room. There is no privacy and they have to see each other all day, every day. This simply would not happen now. People have individual rooms because that gives people a sense of security. Say if someone felt anxious and they needed to be away from everyone else, they would not be able to in this book and that could be detrimental to their mental health. The biggest difference between reality and this book, is the group therapy sessions. The way that Nurse Ratched runs the sessions is very antagonizing. She chooses one person to attack and for the hour that all the men are gathered in that room she has them all tear apart that person. She finds their one weakness or the reason they are in the hospital and targets them. Ordinarily, these group therapy sessions, which happen three times a day not once, would be on a volunteer basis. If someone does not want to talk, they would not have too. The only exception would

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