Pros And Cons Of Sally Seashells

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Sally Seashells and Tony Turner both apply for an auditors’ position with Sally having higher qualifications than Tony. They are both hired for equal positions in the company. The financial company is dominated by male presences in its highest positions. Tony is more likely to have a higher wage than Sally even though they have the same position and same experience for the job. Sally will most likely not complain for fear of retribution or feeling there is not much Sally can do without upsetting her employers. Every day we see more glass ceilings being broken by women. Many women are advancing in the workforce in the same levels as men. In many career paths, women still make less than men per dollar. This is an example of what some women in America face. Some people deny the existence of a wage gap while others argue that a change must be made for equality in this facet of the workforce. There have been many actions taken to give women equality, but there are still places where that has yet to be realized. Looking at both sides of the argument is helpful in learning the conditions under which the wage gap exists and the efforts to come to a conclusion or conclusions to benefit all parties involved. It is an issue that even the current president of the United States has voiced his concerns for. In this paper, we will be looking at the benefits and disadvantages that come from closing the wage gap. In her article, “Paycheck Fairness Act is blocked in the Senate, Elahe Izadi

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