An Analysis Of Samir's Life

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This book is about a suffering Palestinian family. The story was told by a little boy named Samir. Samir is a young Palestinian boy, from the West Bank. He has blamed himself for many years because of his younger brother’s death due to war, and has hatred on many. Samir is sent to a Jewish hospital, trapped among the very people he blames for his brother's death. Awaiting the arrival of an American surgeon who will repair his leg because he has shattered his knee cap, in a bicycle accident. Samir surrounded by staff and family members, all of sudden the lights went out and next to him was a boy named Yonatan, a boy with his arm in a metal cast and his nose always stuck in an Astronomy book, the shy type. Yonatan only speaks to Samir at night once the other children have fallen asleep. …show more content…

How is Yonatan going to do so, Samir does not know, but during the night the two boys plan a trip to go to Mars. During Samir’s experience inside the “Jew’s Hospital” Samir forms loose bonds with the other patients in the children’s ward. Samir begins to understand, and heal from, his brother Fadi's death. This so called trip “to Mars” is the trip where Samir can look at the world, the world full of Palestinians and Israelis. Sick people and healthy people, and see how simple life was, and how alike everyone can/really

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