An Analysis Of The Wellness Center

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This budget introduction is the initial steps this writer will be taking in developing a program that is non-profit. This program is called the Wellness Center and the focus of the program is to provide services for individuals with mental illness. The target population is individuals such as Latinos and Hispanics that are underutilizing services. However, no client would be left behind, the services are open to anyone that is in need as long as he or she has a diagnosis of mental illness. This writer will be discussing the specifics for this initial budget. There are many things to consider when wanting to open a place of business whether if it is for profit or non-profit. First, one should know where the funding comes from, and make sure…show more content…
Typically, money is allocated to fund for social services. This writer would start composing ads and placing them on websites to recruit applicants. This writer is seeking to hire 6 mental health professionals, although, bilingual/Spanish speaking would be preferred. The Ad would read as follows:
Job Description: The Wellness Center is seeking to hire (6) Full Time Mental Health Professionals. The requirements are A Master’s Degree in Psychology, Social Work, Human Services, or related field. Sometimes entry level positions may be considered for a person who possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Human Services, or related field along with 2 years of work experience in a related field.
The role of a mental health professional would be to administer questionnaires (on-site or off-site), participate in community events to bring awareness to ethnic minorities, coordinate services both within mental health and generic resources, provide group sessions that are educational. Spanish or bilingual people are strongly encouraged to apply. The Wellness Center is an equal opportunity employer. Ultimately, the goal of the Wellness Center is to work with the Latino and Hispanic community by bringing more awareness to mental illness. As there continues to be a stigma with Latinos and Hispanics with mental illness, so is the underutilization of mental
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