An Analysis Of Virgil's Soul In Limbo

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Virgil's soul is hanging out in Limbo when a lady with really pretty eyes appears and asks him to help out her lost "friend." (She overheard news of her "friend’s" trouble in Heaven.) She says she wants Virgil's help because he has a silver tongue or "persuasive word".
This lady calls herself Beatrice, and Virgil learns that she’s doing this out of "Love" for Dante.
Virgil is curious as to why Beatrice came all the way down to Hell just to tell him this. Beatrice responds that God has arranged it so that the misery of Hell cannot affect her.
And the orders for Virgil don't come from just Beatrice. The Virgin Mary herself is so upset by Dante’s predicament that she cried buckets for him and then sent for her very best friend, St. Lucia, to carry

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