An Analysis of the Relationship between Myself and the “Journey of the Magi

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When this writing assignment was given to me, I sat and pondered about the three poems by T.S. Elliot, “Preludes” Journey of the Magi” and “The Hollow Men” and I wondered about which poem I connected easiest with. I observed the poem, “Preludes” when I read the lines, “And newspapers from vacant lots…at the corner of the street…a lonely cab-horse steams and stamps” (Elliot, Preludes, page 1156 lines 8-11) in which I realized they were in a bustling city. I thought to myself, since living in a small town all my life, that in the end I would not be able to easily connect with this piece of poetry. Then in flipping a couple of pages and finding the poem, “The Hollow Men” and after reading this poem and have Mr. McGee exegeses this piece of poetry to our class, I found to be a very empty and depressing pessimistic poem . Which most of my life, I have had the privilege to look on the positive side of things and live a very joy filled life; which left me with the last poem, “Journey of the Magi”. After reading this poem, out of the three, this was the poem I had the strongest connection to and could relate to the best. T.S. Elliot’s poem entitled, “Journey of the Magi” was the best poem I could relate to due to the fact that it was a story I’ve known since my childhood, it has religious meaning and I can closely relate to the aspect of traveling and going on long journeys. The first aspect of the poem, “Journey of the Magi” that first made a connection with me, was that this

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