An Animal 's Sense Of Spirituality

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Humans do not often think that creatures other than ourselves can possess the same emotional range that we do, even though we are provided with evidence of it in various forms over numerous species. When studies are announced, claiming that x animal was found performing a “human” emotion or social practice—i.e. certain species of penguins providing their mates with rocks, similar to humans providing rings for marriage (Sea Life Melbourne Staff)—humans are often shocked, and find it, usually, adorable. However, it is human nature to anthropomorphize animals, and if we truly want to include animals in the emotional branch of phenomenology, humans should consider an animal’s sense of spirituality. Stanford University describes phenomenology …show more content…

When speaking of a spiritual belief, one will often think about a church. And while, yes, animals other than humans are not seen participating in organized religion, Enzo in The Art of Racing in the Rain has in depth thoughts on life after death and his moral beliefs. This is evidenced by the first few pages of the book, in which Enzo claims to have a human soul and believes that becoming a human is the last great step in reincarnation (Stein 2-3). This is a thought-out and in depth belief, showcasing a handful of “steps” for reincarnation. The audience is later given an ending in which a boy named Enzo meets Denny, suggesting that Enzo’s belief came true (Stein 320). If the audience takes Enzo’s philosophy as fact, this hints at a more structured system of belief. Societal and personal belief in life after death shows immense progress in consciousness and phenomenological standing.
Secondly, on pages 256 and 257, Enzo remarks on the death of Ayrton Senna, and thus comments on his own dying process, exhibiting further evidence that he possesses spirituality. Though the passage on the death of Ayrton Senna is brief, Enzo’s comments make a big impact: “He died that day because his body had served its purpose. His soul had done

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