An Article On Managing Cultural Diversity Within Sports Organizations : A Theoretical Perspective

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Sports are the entertainment that is spreading throughout the world. Because of this, there are many sports leagues that are culturally diverse. People have started the address the issue of diversity in sports. For example, Leo Kahane, Neil Longley, and Robert Simmons wrote an article titled “The Effects of Coworker Heterogeneity on Firm-Level Output: Assessing the Impacts of Cultural and Language Diversity in the National Hockey League,” and this article talks about how teams and players have to deal with teammates that are culturally from a different background. Also, Alison J. Doherty wrote an article titled “Managing Cultural Diversity in Sport Organizations: A Theoretical Perspective” while this article talks about how sports organizations have to manage the diversity of the team while trying to be able to perform at their best. Both of these articles do a fine job in using certain elements of argument to make their respective articles persuasive. However, the article that talks about the National Hockey League uses logos, along with facts and evidence most successful while the other article uses mainly ethos and logos most effectively. The three authors that wrote about diversity in the National Hockey League (NHL) talk about the strategy of making a team come together because of the diversity by using logic and facts to prove their point. For example the article talks about how diversity has grown in the NHL when the authors talk about how more and more Europeans

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