An Awareness Of A False Consciousness

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There has been a significant rise in non-religious people, this rise can be seen within the millennial generation, which is different from prior ones who were predominantly Christian. What is it that the millennials can be aware of or, influenced on, that causes this non-conformity towards religion? There has been a decline in Christianity and a rise in non-religious, this can be due to the awareness of abuse in Christianity, the removal of Christianity from public schools, and a new generation of its own community. There has been an awareness of the abuse from the Christian religion. There is an awareness of a false consciousness, which is, “the belief that something is in its best interest when it is not” (Steckley, Letts, 2013, pg.171), however in a religious view it can look at like, “God planned society to be this way, members were acting in the nest interest” (Steckley, Letts, 2013, pg.286). Look at with false consciousness is in the form of abuse that has happened within this organization, and how it has been done through manipulation or giving a sense of false consciousness to the victims. False consciousness lies within places such as boarding schools, or regular churches, here is where pastors have abused children by telling them that what they are doing is Gods choice, or that it is what God wants from them. According to (2014), Between 1950 and 2012 there were 16,787 people that have come forward about child abuse from church officials, the majority of
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